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Work From Home In Style

Just because you work from home, doesn’t mean you can’t have comfort and a little fun. The Early Bum line by Earl Banes is all about comfort while still having a little style and fun. If working home isn’t your thing, check out these tips from the Bourquin Group.

When you work from home now, it isn’t the same as villages in Europe. You don’t live above your shop and cobble shoes downstairs. The high speed of the internet has made it possible to meet face to face from anywhere though. Make sure at least the top half that is on camera is covered in Style with Earl Banes and our Early Bum line.

The legend is that Earl Banes would be up long before anyone else, sneak out of the house for nine holes of golf, a few waves or a ride on his motorcycle or the long forgotten red train. Back in the day you could ride the train from the North East Corner of Los Angeles, to Santa Monica Pier or even Huntington Beach.

Working from home wasn't why the Red Car started
Disney’s Last Red Car

The last remnants of the Private Red Car Line are a few unearthed tracks and a Red car sitting in a park in Seal Beach. Disney Built a version at Hollywood studios which is too defunct. At Disneys California Adventure there is a smaller version which isn’t quite what the Red Car line was, but it gives you a sense of how people got around in the 1940’s before cars took over.

If you want to go for an early walk and clear your mind, think like Earl. The comfortable and easy to wear sweatshirts from the Early Bum line are perfect for working from home and those needed breaks walking around outside, or sneaking off for an early donut. “To Go” of course.