Early Bum Surf and Sport

Earl Banes was called many things, “Early Bum” being one of the most common. The tales from Earls garage and the Airplane factory in Burbank tell of a man who could play a round of golf or surf and still be the first one in the office. One Friday a month it was said that he would race to Vegas, play poker and still be home for dinner. Like most of us, Earl was two people. The serious company and family man at work and the the slightly wilder Early Bum outside of work.

Here at Earl Banes, we design clothes that are polished enough for the car show and maybe casual Friday. Next door, we create the Early Bum collection. The Early Bum collection is all about play. If you play at the beach, the desert or up in the mountains, Early Bum has something for you. The Early Bum philosophy embraces that mindset that being first is best. Soaking up the first wave of the day, the first breath from the top of the mountain at sunrise, the first tee at the crack of dawn, are all part of what make life worth living. As Earl said many times “You can get an extra hour of sleep and fight the crowds, or you can be first and lead the way”.

We believe all of us have a little bit of Earl Banes in us. We work hard when we need to, and play hard when the work is done. Grab an Early Bum Hoodie to keep you warm on your next sunrise adventure.

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