About The Earl Banes Company

The Earl Banes Company was founded by the grandchildren of Earl “The Early Bum” Banes.

For years Earl and his children would spin stories of Earl Banes antics. His racing and poker victories among others were passed on to the grandchildren. We don’t know how much is really true, but we know a lot of it is. Because Earl was around just long enough for us to see the proof the Earl Banes Company exists.

As young children we would try to see what was hiding in boxes around the house, and Earl would simply say “Your nose is growing.” With that calm and cold statement we knew we were disappointing him. It didn’t last though. He would take us out to the barn to find a toy like lawn darts or a hippity-hop to keep us out of trouble. Some days he would take one lucky grandkid to the driving range to hit golfballs and listen in on the stories directly.

When Grandpa Earl past away his many boxes filled with “none of your business is in there.”, were opened. In these boxes resided proof that at least some of the stories were true.

The Proof Of Earl Banes Legends

A gold watch with a letter of thanks for creating the floating seat cushion saving the L-1011 thousands of pounds of weight.

A note on company letterhead from another engineer challenging him to a race to Las Vegas in his Opel GT against the challengers’ 1972 Ferrari Dino.

The cover of an early motorcycle magazine recognizing one of his early custom bikes.

A car magazine page with his early T-bucket hot rod.

So if you read the Legend of Earl Banes, know at least some of it is true.

The Short Version

In the 1940’s Earl was a partner in Earl’s Garage. Because of his work at the aircraft factory and a full house of kids, he left the business to work on cars at home. Over the years Earl had several other “side hustles” all of them adding to the legendary life he lived.

In 2019 his grandson sent the last of the aviation memorabilia off to museums throughout the US so everyone could see deep into the core of the golden age of aviation and the golden age of California.

In order to preserve the style and philosophy of life curated by Earl back in the 1940’s at Earl’s Garage, The Earl Banes Company was resurrected by one of his grandsons.

Today the Earl Banes Company represents the idea that all of us have the ability to live a legendary life if we are willing to get up early and get the first… whatever it is, that we need to get in order to make our life lived, a legendary life. We also understand we all are two people. Our work person and our play person, just like Earl. Some might call it the “duality of man” others might simply say we all have a little Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde in us.

With that in mind, the Earl Banes lines are the more polished, if not work ready at least show ready clothes. The Early Bum collection is 100% play. Show off your inner Earl at work or at play!