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Show Your #beachmode

We know it is getting cold here in Southern California and across the north, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go #beachmode all year.

This week we launched the #beachmode series of T-shirts, Hoodies and Goodies at our online store. The casual side of Earl Banes exactly fits the #beachmode philosophy. If you are not working, you should be playing, like the Early Bum Catching the Waves.

#beachmode hood by Earl Banes - part of the Early Bum© line.

Earl spent a lot of time with his kids at the beach, at home working on cars (work to some play for him) and golfing. Maybe someday we’ll have a line of golf attire too. Who knows.

The old horse barn in Earls backyard was filled with toys and games to keep kids going until they passed out. If it was meant to be played with outside and it fit in the barn it was in there.

These days horse barns are pretty rare and sadly a lot of kids don’t go outside and play. You won’t see any video games here either. When the first video games appeared that you could connect to the TV, Earl made it clear they were forbidden in the house. “Go outside, enjoy the world, you will be inside enough at work.” he would say on many Saturday mornings as the grandchildren arrived.

For now as the winter chill sets in, grab a hoodie and if you aren’t at work go #beachmode.

There are more than just hoodies in the series. We have T-shirts, #RWTH approved re-usable travel mugs and more.

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